The Book Of Shadows


Presented by Brown’s Mart Productions & The Cicada Collective in association with SANGGAR PARIPURNA

Directors of Puppetry – Conor Fox and I Made Sidia (Indonesia)

Starring: Tom Pauling, Kadek Hobman, Tony Rive & Ciella Williams

The Book of Shadows, is a unique blend of mixed media theatre performance incorporating live actors, shadow puppetry and video projections to create a series of stories, interpreting myths, legends, folk tales and the art of storytelling from different cultures around the world.

The plot opens with two weary travellers seeking shelter in a remote cave. Emerging shadows begin to magically appear on the cave wall, depicting various ‘chapters’ of a mysterious book. Magic, illusion, shadow and light, Book of Shadows explores the multi-faceted dreamscape of our imagination and beyond.


The Book of Shadows has been produced by the Cicada Collective, a newly formed artist collective that combines the skills and talents of a range of artists, filmmakers, animators, puppeteers and musicians from across Darwin.

The show is written and directed by award winning filmmaker and video artist Timothy Parish who brings a cinematic sensibility to the work, with the additions of animation and motion graphics that compliment the live puppetry.

To create the complex puppetry sequences Parish enlisted Conor Fox, a Darwin born artist who has worked across Australia and throughout the Northern Territory teaching and performing puppetry as the Australian Director of Puppetry. Parish and Fox have been working in collaboration Balinese artists from performing arts school Sanggar Paripurna in Bali, headed by the world renowned dalang (shadow puppet master) Made Sidia and his team who bring their experience and skills to realise the ambitious multimedia performance that utilises animation, video art and live puppetry.

The performance also boasts intricate cinematic sound design by award winning musician Lulu Madill (aka local songstress Syren) and a stunning set created by Darwin architect and sculptor Bec Adams.


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